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What is the Hybricon Games?

The Hybricon Games is the championship for hybrid athletes. Our selection process started with 453 athletes submitting to compete online, and will filter down for 84 athletes to compete on the East Coast, and West Coast.

From there, 48 total athletes will earn their place at the 2023 Hybricon Games.

Kris Rugloski completes "FUBAR" at the 2022 Battle Bunker Flagship Competition

The Online Combine

In April, athletes completed and submitted 3 workouts through our Combine.

1600M Capacity Test

Athletes run 4 laps around a 400 meter track, recording their time over 1600 meters (1 mile)

3RM Strength Superset

FCT (Functional Capacity Test)


42 Eastern and 42 Western Regional athletes competed across three events programmed by Hunter McIntyre. Since the conception of the Hybricon Games, Hunter has directed 100% of the events that test our athletes to the core.

hunter mcintyre austen alexander
Hunter McIntyre and Austen Alexander at Eastern Regionals

Regional Events

Yard Work

Athletes run 1 mile, complete 60 shoulder to overhead press, 120 pushups, and 240 air squats. All wearing a weighted vest. 20/14.

Barbell Capacity Test

Last Athlete Standing

2023 Hybricon Games

The 2023 Hybricon Games brings 48 of the best hybrid athletes from around the world together to compete for just over $30,000 in cash.

October 28th is called "Grit Day" which is a test of the athlete's mental capacity, and October 29th is called "Field Day" which is a test of the athlete's physical capacity.

October 29th will be broadcasted lived on Battle Bunker's YouTube channel.

If you are interested in competing in future Hybricon Games qualifiers and events, subscribe to our mailing list or follow us on Instagram for all updates.


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