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2024 Hybricon Games - How to Qualify

If you're reading this post, the chances are high that you have seen what we did last year in 2023.

This year, we are back in action with the 2024 Hybricon Games.

Although our qualification process is different this year, we have made it more attainable for gym owners and athletes alike to get involved with our qualifications this year.


February 1st, we launched a signup for gyms to host our "Hybricon Qualification Test".

It is a 90 minute gauntlet of Hybrid movements including running, strength, speed, and metabolic conditioning.


We are extending the invite to any gym across the world to apply and be a part of our quailifer process.

The link to apply is found here. Get your gym involved or apply by clicking the linked text.

Qualifiers and Qualifier Workout "HQT"

The qualifiers are set to take place in April - May timeframe, according to your local gym's set date.

From there, we will offer invited to the 2024 Hybricon Games in order of placement from the Qualifiers.

Simple as that!

If you are interested in competing, we do have a notification signup page linked here!

We will be releasing more info soon, but for any questions, please message us on Instagram, or fill in our Contact form.

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